Website Payments

Website payments along with website management have long challenged even the best web deign and SEO agencies who build and maintain 1000's websites. For example how do you manage cross boarder card payments for your websites? Can you automate your payment process? How can you sell recurring website payments to your customers?

If you run a website agency or design firm you?re probably finding that most of your deliverables now centre around creating good responsive design and content. Do you also need to be managing ongoing payments, accounting and frustrated clients? 

As we all know recurring payments are good for business. They improve cash flow and reduce your costs. Another aspect to implementing website recurring payments is improved customer loyalty.

To manage website payments on a recurring basis, you need a CRM system directly customized for this purpose. Building or even customizing your own is time consuming and very costly. So Exai decided to introduce their CRM-BILLING functionality for all Exai partners that use the Web Site Builder CMS.

Exai wants your website businesses all over the world to succeed and provides their Website Billing solution at no extra cost to all it's partners. The CRM is already fully customized and maintained by Exai. 

So if collecting payments from your clients locally or globally is a problem why not hook up with Exai and start making your website business work for you.

The CMS provides Web Agencies all over the world the ability to build and fully manage websites on a large scale. Exai is intended for the SMB market in particular. The SMB market for good, solid websites is huge and so the necessity for being able to deploy functional websites with excellent graphics and content management along with backend management solution becomes essential for any website agency that wants to grow.

Some of the other benefits you receive when running on Exai include:

  • Front end and back end system where you can manage your entire customers process, from building to processing payment.
  • The ability to  grow a web designer network under you and get paid for it
  • Excellent editing tools and mobile friendly website automation
  • If you qualify, you can receive work as an Exai partner servicing clients on the Exai platform
All these benefits add up to make you more competitive and better at managing the website building industry. Get on board now!