International SEO Consultant

Are you doing enough international SEO? Is market expansion important to your company? SEO is one of the most important parts of a business marketing strategy and absolutely vital to business growth . SEO, however, can be complex, costly and if not done right may even have a negative effect on growth and business strategy. This is where SEO consultancy comes into play. Entering into new markets goes hand in hand with business expansion and of course your website SEO. An international SEO consultant can help your company to expand and enter new markets that have huge potential. As a growth strategy, hiring an expert to manage your SEO can also be alot more cost effective than attending trade shows or doing extensive travel. 

Within SEO there are generally 2 categories. The first we can call local SEO and the second international SEO. Both have the same aim, that is to attract relevant and new streams of customers/income to your website. SEO in itself can be time consuming and at times complicated as well.

SEO in general should follow best practise, for example On Page optimization can consist of:

  • Optimizing your existing content 
  • Making HTML code corrections 
  • Removing broken / dead links and 
  • Adding and checking Meta / Alt Tags 
  • Adding Google and XML Site Map 
  • Analytic Setup 
Off page optimization consists of:
  • Creation of New Pages and Content updates
  • Link Building Services 
  •  Directory Submission based on your industry
  • Article Creation and Submission 
  • Classified Ad Creation and Submission 
  • Blog Post Messages 
  • Doing Press Releases 
  • E-book Creation 
As you can see getting all this right can take time, alot of it,which makes the case of outsourcing your optimization to an international SEO consultant even more appealing. Hiring an International SEO Consultant that can help you with Country and Language targeting along with setting up the required analytics tools and someone who understands your CMS can be risky. You don't always know who you're getting or if they'll meet the required goals.

So, where do you hire an expert that can help you do all of this cost effectively. Fortunately Exai, a website CMS that specializes in helping you build your own site or migrate an existing website onto their platform can help. Along with an easy to implement SEO strategy that can see you managing on site SEO (like adding the correct meta/alt tags, providing clean code for Google indexing), you can hire an Exai professional to manage your international SEO for you. All work is overseen by Exai while you have having a direct communication channel through to your International SEO Expert. Exai will make sure that that you get full report-ability and keep a tab on progress. You can also be sure that you're hiring someone that understands Exai's CMS and has experience coming up with results.

Keep in mind that another benefit of running your site on Exai's platform is that it is fully updated and managed for you. So things like HTML code corrections which cause alot of headache for onsite SEO optimization are no longer an issue.

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