Facebook App Success Story

A month after the launch of our newest web solution ? a revolutionary app that turns Facebook pages into websites ? we would like to share one of our client?s app success stories. At the same time, we will show you how this client used the Design option to edit her website exactly according to her taste.

Miki is a yoga instructor and owner of Yoga Spirit by Miki. Until recently, Miki?s sole presence on the Web was her Facebook page. She wanted to expand her availability online by building a website, and she was introduced to EXAI. Miki used our innovative tool to convert her Facebook page into a website within minutes! She got a great website fast and absolutely for free! Miki used our user-friendly Drag and Drop editing interface to put a personal touch on her website ? for example, she added a News Feed item, switched some of the images displayed on the home page, and included a menu category for a Gallery page.

While satisfied with the results, there were a few changes in the layout Miki wished she could make. For this reason, Miki decided to upgrade her account, which gave her permission to alter her website as she wished.

There are many options available in the Design mode. You can make detailed changes to every layer of the website. Below are some of the changes done to the Yoga Spirit website:

1. The spacing was narrowed in the main layer

2. A white border was then added

3. The upper strip was dragged upwards

4. The background color of the header was changed

There is a wide array of other editing options available within the Design. Colors, spacing, borders, shadows, and more ? all can be modified in a matter of minutes. The end result is a stunning, personalized and unique professional website!

The DESIGN option is available to premium customers who not only get a complete design and editing capabilities but also have access to features such as unlimited pages and connecting their own domain. We recommend upgrading your account and becoming one of our premium members so you can enjoy these benefits.

EXAI is currently offering a free domain to anyone who signs up for a one-year premium plan. Don?t miss this limited time opportunity and sign up today!